High amounts of air pollution can have a number of negative health effects.Heart disease, respiratory infections, and lung cancer, are all at risk because of it. Long-term and short-term exposure to air pollution has been related to detrimental health impacts. Those in poverty, the elderly, and children are more susceptible to more severe impacts. Little PM2.5 particles that enter the pulmonary passageways are the most health-harmful pollutants and are closely linked to excessive early death.


Major Causes of Air Pollution that is Harmful to People’s Health

Some of the main contributors of ambient air pollution that most substantially affect people’s health are inefficient domestic fuel combustion for cooking, lighting, and heating, coal-fired power plants, and agriculture. Moreover, inefficient transportation such as polluting fuels and cars, and garbage burning.


Actions that nations can take to lessen air pollution

Everyone has a duty to fight and lessen air pollution. It is essential to make cooperative action with the active participation of all sectors such as the Government, cities, the general public, and people are all included in this.

Accordingly, we can have the implementation of solid waste management, the provision of access to clean cookstoves and household fuels, the growth of the market for renewable energy sources and energy efficiency, and the implementation of industrial emissions reductions are all interventions aimed at reducing air pollution.