No matter what style of room you are trying to create, paint is a simple way to transform your space.

It can be the perfect solution for a totally different look, or it can freshen an old home. Paint can also be a detail that changes the whole ambiance of a room.

What Color to Use?

Paint in lighter colors if you need to brighten up the space and paint in darker colors for lower ceilings and more intimate rooms.

To set the mood, use light colors when you want your space to feel open and use dark colors when you’re looking for a cozy spot.

Clean the Windows

Windows are a simple way to make improvements to your home.

Having clean windows will not only provide you with a sense of accomplishment but also let natural light into your home. 

The best way to clean windows is to use a squeegee and clean water with a few drops of dish soap.

The first step is to spray the window and squeegee it off as much as possible. You will want to do this outside or in the bathtub because the water may drip while you are doing it. Squeegee the window so that no streaks of dirt remain, then dry it with a dry rag or paper towel.