Following the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) in the United Kingdom, where more than 50 nations pledged to step up their efforts to address climate change and health, the the National Health Service (NHS), England’s public healthcare system, World Health Organization, recently signed and approved a Memorandum of Understanding that will see the two organizations work together on initiatives to encourage and facilitate the carbon reduction of healthcare systems around the world.

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The purpose of decarbonization

It has two objectives: to bring together a group of devoted healthcare organizations across the globe in order to secure appropriately ambitious decarbonization agreements and annual emissions reductions while assisting regulatory and policy alignment; and to provide technical support to, and specialization among, countries that have dedicated to the COP26 health drive on low carbon sustainable healthcare systems. A global platform for net zero health systems will be created to accomplish the second goal.


The key functions of the program

Sharing knowledge amongst healthcare systems and establishing a new platform for medical personnel. Is the platform’s fundamental function. It also supports the establishment of common standards, benchmarks, and progress indicators, as well as policy alignment on pertinent problems. Moreover, enhancing mutual support amongst national healthcare systems to improve procurement procedures.