Although it may not always be obvious, our surroundings have a profound impact on our health. The balance between a good and unhealthy lifestyle can be tipped by our living conditions, diet, and daily activities. That’s why we need people trained in environmental health, as well as policies and programs to protect public health.

Stability of Air Quality

For humans, the air is a necessity. Though it’s essential to our survival, we don’t always do a good job of keeping it clean, which can have serious consequences for our bodies. Air pollution is connected to SIDS, lung cancer, and COPD. A study found a correlation between low birth weight and air pollution.

Preservation of the World’s Ecosystem

Environmental health experts anticipate a warmer and wetter climate in the next decades, which could initiate or worsen hazards to public health around the world. Increased mosquito populations spread diseases like dengue and malaria to more people in locations where they wouldn’t have survived before climate change.

Promote Environmental Safety and Health

Many environmental health issues, in contrast to food and exercise, cannot be controlled solely by the individual. In order to effectively combat the threat they pose, legislation, policy, and program development at the regional, national, and international levels are typically necessary.