The world is facing an epidemic of unhealthiness, including obesity, diabetes, and other diseases that threaten to shorten the average person’s lifespan. There are many reasons that account for this, but one of the main reasons is that we are not using natural resources wisely.

We are using them in an unsustainable way. An overdose of chemicals has polluted our water sources and the air we breathe.

But how can we use nature to restore health? Read on and discover more about how the environment can be used to create medicines for health.

What is Environment-Based Medicine?

Environment-based medicine (EBM) is an approach that uses a wide range of plants, fungi, and bacteria to restore people to health. EBM practitioners use climate, geology, soil, and biodiversity to create an ecosystem in which humans can thrive and be nourished.

EBM is based on the premise that the best way to promote good health is to use what nature has already created.

Environment as a Provider of Medicines

Nature is the best source of new medicines. We just need to learn how to interact with it effectively. Natural environments are home to a huge variety of species, each of which produces a different set of secondary metabolites.

Ways in Which the Environment can be Used to Create Medicine

  • Plant-based diet: Plants can be used to promote good health and help treat certain diseases. The most common example is the use of carrots to treat eye diseases such as macular degeneration.
  • Harvesting of bacteria: Bacteria are useful in creating medicines that can treat a wide range of diseases and promote good health. A good example is the use of probiotics to treat certain digestive conditions or creating supplements to maintain good health of our oral care.

The Importance of Plants in Creating Medicines from the Environment

Plants are another important organism in the environment. Plants are not only used to create medicines, but they are also used to create food.

Plants are one of the easiest organisms to grow and harvest, making them one of the most important organisms in the environment. Plant-based food is being used in many ways to promote good health and help treat certain diseases.

Some plants can even be used to create vaccines, which are one of the most important medicines we have. Plants, like bacteria, can be used to create all sorts of important medicines, including vitamins, minerals, and vaccines.