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When the sun shines from the sky, most people automatically feel more comfortable. The sunlight has a brightening effect on the mood and makes us happier. And not only does the mood benefit from a sunny day outdoors, but sunlight can also have a positive effect on dental health. You can even ask your dentist about it.

Anyone who thinks they can do something for their teeth with a relaxing sunbath or a leisurely walk under a blue sky sounds too good to be true is mistaken. Her dental team from Kleinert+Kleinert in Zuffenhausen takes the summer as an opportunity to take a look at this still comparatively little-known phenomenon.

Vitamin D helps fight caries pathogens

The cheerful effect that sunlight exerts on the human emotional world is widely known. The importance of sunlight for dental health, on the other hand, is much less familiar to most. Responsible for the positive effects of solar radiation in both cases is vitamin D, which is formed in the body by the UV-B radiation contained in sunlight. The best-known function of the “sunshine vitamin” is its key role in bone mineralization and thus its contribution to the maintenance of stable bones.

A sufficient supply of vitamin D also contributes to strengthening the immune system by stimulating the production of an antimicrobial protein, the so-called cathelicidin, in the body. As we dentists from Zuffenhausen emphasize, the body’s protein not only supports the body in the defense against colds and flu-like infections: The improved fight against bacteria also helps to eliminate caries pathogens that are dangerous to the teeth.


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Sun on the skin ensures healthy teeth

The “sunshine vitamin” not only kills the cariogenic bacteria but also the teeth themselves benefit from an appropriate vitamin D intake. Because the vitamin ensures a sufficient supply of the teeth with important minerals, such as calcium and phosphorus, which are indispensable for strong tooth enamel.

Vitamin D thus strengthens tooth enamel and fights caries bacteria. It is therefore beneficial to the dental health of adults as well as children to regularly expose the skin to the sun to absorb the UV-B radiation required for vitamin D conversion. With a walk in the countryside or a cozy book reading on the balcony or terrace, the vitamin requirement is quickly satisfied. Even in the shade or when the sky is overcast, a one-hour stay outdoors is enough to be exposed to sufficient UV-B radiation.