Water is one of the most precious and scarce goods at the same time. That is why it is essential to have a water panel tank that stores this resource in flawless hygienic-sanitary conditions.

Imagine that there is a break or a breakdown in your company, what can you do? The water tanks allow you to enjoy enough autonomy to be able to consume water for hours.

How does a water tank work?

The water tanks can be installed underground, at ground level, or in some higher areas depending on their use, although the operation is always the same.

  • The water is conducted through the public service network to all properties.
  • Once there, the water is placed in storage tanks such as cisterns and elevated tanks.
  • Finally, the main branch is connected to an endless valve and a float to control the entry of water.

raven tanks

How to clean a water panel tank

Both installation and maintenance are relatively simple. However, it is important to clean the water tank twice a year because there may be stagnant water that causes diseases.

Water tank cleaning can be done in September-October and April-May. The first is after the excessive use that has been given to it in summer so that the tank is in the best conditions to face the winter. The second is in spring considering the season of the year that causes a greater consumption of water.

Close the water stopcock. Close the internal distribution pipe valve and open the cleaning valve until a depth of 15-20 cm remains.

Clean the bottom, walls, and lid of the water tank. Use a brush to do it. There are also special products for cleaning water tanks, you can use any of them.

 Empty the water tank. Try to remove the residues that remain through the drain valve, so you will avoid accumulations in the pipes.

Fill the water tank halfway and add concentrated bleach.

Fill the tank and let it act with the product for at least 3 hours. Eliminate the water through the distribution pipe and fill and empty the tank again until the excess chlorine is eliminated.

Equip your company with the best water tanks

There are different water tanks that perform a protective function, keeping liquids safe from external substances and preserving their use. Contact panel tank professionals and they will advise you without obligation on which water tank best suits your company. They can also recommend environmentally friendly tanks. Suitable tanks are not only good for the environment but for your health as well.