There is actual climate change. And it is having an unthinkable impact on more than just our planet.

It is currently one of the biggest risks to humanity. The environmental and social determinants of health, such as clean air, safe drinking water, enough food, health facilities, and secure shelter, are negatively impacted in addition to rising temperatures, rising sea levels, and an increase in the occurrence of extreme weather events.

Negative Effects of Climate Change to Human’s Health

Despite the fact that the effects of climate change on people’s health vary based on their age, race, location, and socioeconomic level, they are nonetheless serious. These are just a few ways that climate change might harm your health. Continue reading to learn more.

Heat-Related Ailment

Our bodies are adept at adjusting to the environment. Our health is negatively impacted by sudden changes in temperature that are up or down those averages. Extreme temperatures, according to studies, have been linked to an increase in fatalities and moderate-to-severe diseases.

Respiratory Illness

Many respiratory ailments, some of which are chronic, are now being caused and made worse by rising air pollution levels.

Water-borne Diseases

Lack of water or flooding brought on by severe weather is already a problem in many regions of the world. Furthermore, diseases brought on by pathogens that are spread by water pose a serious risk to human health and welfare.