In addition to diet, regular exercise is also important for successful weight loss. This increases energy consumption. Muscle mass also is maintained or even built up. As a result, the energy consumption at rest is additionally increased. Physical activity also has a positive effect on health, improves physical performance and generally improves the quality of life. A combination of endurance and strength training is ideal.

Exercise tips when losing weight

Clarification in advance

Brisk walking, Nordic walking, hiking, cycling, swimming and aqua aerobics are a good form of training for many people who are overweight or obese. Physical limitations such as joint problems and a lack of fitness usually pose fewer obstacles here than in more complex sports. The chosen movement should be fun. Check with your doctor which physical activities are most suitable for you.

Benefits on all levels

Regular exercise supports weight loss and also makes it easier to maintain weight after weight loss. In addition, you may also get to know like-minded people as part of the sport and gain a new and at the same time health-promoting hobby. It increases the motivation to meet up with friends to do sports or to join a sports group and to train at fixed times.

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Everyday life as a fitness opportunity

In addition to light endurance training combined with strength training, everyday activities such as climbing stairs, walking, or mowing the lawn are also part of the exercise program.

Tips on how to behave when losing weight

For many people, changing habits means giving up familiar and loved ones, and it takes time. Therefore, these should be changed slowly and step by step and the goals set smaller but realistic.

Bans are forbidden

Strict rules and prohibitions are usually not effective. The desire for what is forbidden often becomes even stronger. There is the bad feeling of having failed when the strict rules cannot be observed. It is better to be flexible in eating habits and to “allow” small “sins” from time to time.

Think about strategies

Depending on your own eating and exercise behavior, it can be helpful to use certain strategies. This includes eating at set times, not going shopping when hungry and not storing unnecessary food. Alternatively, you can shop for healthy dietary supplements. Reading protetox reviews|Geeks Health can help you buy the ideal product for your weight loss goal.

Rewards yes, but the right ones

Success should be rewarded, for example by going to the cinema, the theater or a concert.

Support from family and friends

Losing weight is easier when there is support from people around you.

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