When planning to go to a South Korean massage clinic for a 스웨디시 (Swedish) massage, you have to give at least 2 days advanced notice in setting up an appointment. Since a Swedish massage is a non traditional therapy, a massage clinic will have to tap the services of an expert seuwedisi massage therapist.

Apparently, there’s a big difference between the traditional Korean full body massage and the Swedish massage. The latter uses long strokes whilst applying only light-to-firm pressure. The traditional Korean style on the other hand, is described as a deep tissue massage because the therapy applies greater pressure to loosen tightness deep within the muscles and connective tissues.

What Exactly is a Swedish Massage

A Swedish massage is the kind of health care  therapy that appeals to people looking to rejuvenate by relieving their body of stress and light muscle tensions. A Swedish massage therapist applies long, gliding, de-stressing strokes while releasing tension with a combination of kneading and friction strokes.

The best steps to take when looking for a massage studio that randers eco-friendly massage services is to go online and read reviews about the most popular shops.

Five Basic Swedish Massage Strokes

A Swedish massage therapist applies 5 basic strokes, which is actually similar to other types of massage therapy. The real difference is in their application as some regard the Swedish style of light-to-moderate pressure as not enough. The five basic Swedish massage strokes are the following:

Effleurage: These strokes are long, rhythmic and gentle movements gliding across the skin. Doing so enables the massage therapist to feel the general tone of the muscles and to identify the problem areas to work on with deep relaxing strokes.

Friction – These are short and fast strokes that intend to create heat while the fingers or hands rub against the skin. The heat created promotes blood circulation to loosen up knotted blood vessels and to ease tension in the area.

Petrissage– These are squeezing motions to raise the muscle and work toward releasing the tension.

Vibration are superficial and rapid movements of the palm or fingers. Expert Swedish massage therapists who perform this technique correctly, makes it possible for the customer to feel very relaxed in the entire body.

Tapotement: – These are a series of light chopping strikes on the body to release tension. This technique is popularly known as “karate chops.”